Juan Allende-Blin

Juan Allende-Blin was born in Santiago de Chile, Chile.
Allende-Blin initial studied with his uncle, Pedro Humberto Allende and the Webren student Fre Focke and later on at the University of Santiago.

At the occasion of the Darmstaedter Ferienkurse he studied with Olivier Messiaen. In 1951 he stayed at Detmold and a little later he moved on to Hamburg. From 1954 tot 1957 he was a professor for musical analysis at the university of Santiago. In 1957 he emigrated to Germany and in 1962 he became a employe at the NDR Radio at Hamburg. Nowadays he lives as a composer in Essen (Germany) together woth organ player gerd Zacher.

Allende-Blin composed instrumental music for a variety of ensembles, two ballets, Chansons and music for tape-recorder and orchestrated fragments from Debussy's unfinished opera La Chute de Maison.

Year / Artwork Title Importance Medium
1967 Sonorités 3.50 stars LP
Avant Garde 1968 Comments:
Part of the  Avant Garde 1968 edition. Cassette with 6 records by Deutsche Grammophon.
According to the album-notes, this music for large organ has to be felt, rather then heard. Makes sense.

Gerd Zacher - Organ