Jacques Bondon

Bondon studied at the Ecole César Franck and at the Paris Conservatoire. He founded the Ensemble Moderne de Paris and served as a member of the ORTF and the Commission Nationale de la Musique Populaire. Bondon was the composer for the Winter Olympic Games in Grenoble in 1968. He was able to match his compositional style to the cold character of the location. He has been a prolific composer and takes his ideas from such sources as science fiction. He utilizes a wide range of tonal precedents in his work.
Lynn Vought, All Music Guide

Year / Artwork Title Importance Medium
1965 Concerto de Mars 4.00 stars LP
Konrad Ragossnig - Guitar
Lamoureux Orchestra cond. Jacques Bondon
1978 Symphonie Concertante For Piano and Wind Ensemble 4.00 stars CD
Frederica Morace - Piano
Orchestra cond. Franco Pezzullo