Johannes Bernardus van Bree

Johannes Bernardus van Bree (1801-1857) was a composer, violinist and conductor. He had a reputation as the most talented musician in the Netherlands. He was conductor of Felix Meritis from 1830 to 1856. Van Bree was responsible for professionalisation within the orchestra and the Concert Hall. He drew up strict regulations for the musicians and the audience; he modernised the repertoire; and he brought foreign musicians to the Netherlands. Van Bree was an important and pioneering figure in Amsterdam musical life. He introduced Beethoven's quartets with his string quartet and in 1848 he conducted the first full performance of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony in Felix Meritis. The concerts in Felix Meritis became exceptionally popular under Van Bree. In 1846 health problems forced him to give up his functions.

From: Felix Meritis website

Year / Artwork Title Importance Medium
1845 Allegro moderato for 4 string quartets 4.00 stars 6 LP
Residentie Orkest cond. Ferdinand Leitner
1845 Allegro moderato for 4 string quartets 4.00 stars 5 CD
Viotta Ensemble cond. Viktor Liberman