Maurice Delage

French composer and pianist. A student of Ravel and member of Les Apaches, he was influenced by travels to India and the East. Ravel's "La vallée des cloches" from Miroirs was dedicated to Delage. His best known piece is Quatre poemes hindous (1912-13). His Ragamalika (1912-22), based on the classical music of India, is also significant in that it calls for prepared piano; the score specifies that a piece of cardboard be placed under the strings of the B-flat in the second line of the bass clef to dampen the sound, imitating the sound of an Indian drum.
Year / Artwork Title Importance Medium
1912-1913 Quatre poemes hindous 3.50 stars  LP
Solo Comments:
Anne Sofie von Otter - Mezzo Soprano
1912-1913 Quatre poemes hindous 3.50 stars BD-R
Julia Bullock - Soprano
London Symphony Orchestra cond. Simon Rattle

Recorded from Mezzo TV