Pierre Dubois

French composer of classical music. He was a student of Darius Milhaud, and though not widely popular, was respected. He brought the ideas of Les Six, of which his instructor was a member, into the middle 1900's. This group called for a fresh artistic perspective on music. The music of Dubois is characteristically light hearted with interesting harmonic and melodic textures.

He was awarded the Prix de Rome in 1955. Most of his works are for woodwinds, especially for saxophone. His Quartet for Saxophones in F premiered in 1962. Another of his works is the 'Pieces caracteristiques en forme de suite', written for Alto Saxophone with piano accompaniment.

Year / Artwork Title Importance Medium
1959 Concerto for Alto Saxophone and String Orchestra 4.00 stars LP
Pierre Dubois Comments:
Eugène Rousseau - Saxophone
Orchestre de Chambre Paul Kuentz cond. Paul Kuentz