This one-stop box set places in the hands of its owner an in-depth overview of the origin and development of electronic music that charts its first four decades in 42 music tracks and 20 video tracks -- short pieces, excerpts, performances and interviews - totalling between them over 6 hours of material documenting the early history of electronic music ;plus a 112 page, photo-packed booklet that discusses each work and comes with a forward by none other than Brian Eno. 

Many of the ideas in this collection have now been so completely assimilated into popular listening that it may sometimes be hard to remember how surprising it all was on first outing. Some of it still sounds pretty exotic. These CDs are important as part of the story of how we got to where we are now the cultural conversation so far and as a still fruitful repertoire of future possibilities.
Brian Eno

Year / Docu-Artwork Title Importance Medium
Compilation CD 1 4.00 stars 3 CD+DVD


Clara Rockmore Tchaikovsky: Valse Sentimentale

Olivier Messiaen "Oraison performed by Ensemble D'Ondes De Montréal

Pierre Schaeffer Etude aux Chemins de Fer

John Cage Williams Mix

Herbert Eimert / Robert Beyer Klangstudie II

Otto Luening Low Speed

Hugh Le Caine Dripsody

Louis and Bebe Barron Main Title from Forbidden Planet

Oskar Sala Concertando rubato

Edgard Varèse Poem Electronique

Richard Maxfield Sine Music

Tod Dockstader Apocalypse Part II

Karlheinz Stockhausen Kontakte

Vladimir Ussachevsky Wireless Fantasy

Milton Babbitt Philomel Edit

MEV Spacecraft Edit

Compilation CD 2 4.00 stars 3 CD+DVD


Raymond Scott Cindy Electronium

Steve Reich Pendulum Music (I) performed by Sonic Youth

Pauline Oliveros Bye Bye Butterfly

Joji Yuasa Projection Esemplastic for White Noise

Morton Subotnick Silver Apples of the Moon Part 1

David Tudor Rainforest Version I Edit

Terry Riley Poppy Nogood

Holger Czukay Boat-Woman-Song Edit

Luc Ferarri Music Promenade Edit

Francois Bayle rosace 3

Jean-Claude Risset Mutations Edit

Iannis Xenakis Hibiki-Hana-Ma Edit

La Monte Young Drift Study 31 | 69 12:17:30 - 12:49:58 PM NYC Edit

Compilation CD 3 4.00 stars 3CD+DVD


Charles Dodge He Destroyed Her Image

Paul Lansky Her Song

Laurie Spiegel Appalachian Grove 1

Bernard Parmegiani En Phase / Hors Phase

David Behrman "On the Other Ocean Edit

John Chowning Stria Edit

Maryanne Amacher Living Sound Patent Pending

Robert Ashley Automatic Writing

Alvin Curran Canti Illuminati Edit

Alvin Lucier Music On A Long Thin Wire

Klaus Schulze Melange

Jon Hassell Before And After Charm (La Notte) Edit

Brian Eno Unfamiliar Winds (Leeks Hills)

Compilation DVD 4.00 stars 3CD+DVD

Track 1:
Clara Rockmore "The World's Greatest Theremin Virtuosa, 1998

Track 2:
John Cage "Paying Attention"
Frank Schaeffer: Video, Andrew Culver: Audio, 2004

Track 3:
Jean-Claude Risset "Mutations"
Film by Lillian F. Schwartz, music by Jean-Claude Risset, 1973

Track 4:
Steve Reich "Three Tales: Dolly"
Video by Beryl Korot, Music by Steve Reich, 2003

Track 5:
Morton Subotnick "Sidewinder"
Performed by Morton Subotnick and Tony Martin, 1976

Track 6:
Holger Czukay "Floatspace"
Performed by Holger Czukay, 1986

Track 7:
Bebe Barron "Interview with Bebe Barron"
Interview by Eric Chasalow, Filmed by Barbara Cassidy, 1997

Track 8:
Paul Lansky "The Dust Bunny"
Music written and performed by Paul Lansky, Sound design by Ted Coffey, Animation and Story by Grady Klein, 2004

Track 9:
Leon Theremin "Paul Lansky's lesson with Leon Theremin"
Video by George Lewis, January 1991

Track 10:
Iannis Xenakis "Bohor"
Sound Visualization by Liubo Borissov, 2005

Track 11:
Milton Babbitt "Interview with Milton Babbitt"
Interview by Eric Chasalow, Filmed by Barbara Cassidy, 1997

Track 12: Laurie Spiegel "Improvisation on a 'Concerto Generator'"
Music, Performance, and Interactive software by Laurie Spiegel, 1977

Track 13:
David Behrman "Music with Melody-Driven Electronics"
Performed by David Behrman, Don Cardoza, E. Jedidiah Denman, Katharine Morton, 1976

Track 14:
John Chowning "Stria"
Animations and Explanatory Material Created by John Chowning, 2005

Track 15:
Robert Ashley What She Thinks (It's History)
Performed by Robert Ashley, Mimi Johnson, Paul DeMarinis, and "Blue"Gene Tyranny, 1976

Track 16:
Max Mathews "Phosphones"
Music and Light Performed by Emmanuel Ghent, Choreography by Mimi Garrard, Performed by the Mimi Garrard Dance Company, 1971

Track 17:
Pauline Oliveros "Bye Bye Butterfly"
Performed by Pauline Oliveros and Tony Martin, 2005

Track 18:
Alvin Lucier "Music for Solo Performer"
Performed by Alvin Lucier, 1965

Track 19:
Mother Mallard "Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company"
Film by Edin Velez, Music by Mother Mallard (1976)

Track 20:
Robert Moog "Moog: A documentary Film by Hans Fjellestad" 2005