Lars Edlund

Lars Edlund is one of the veterans of Swedish art music. He belonged in a select group of ambitious, hungry musicians, composers, interpreters and scholars who ventured out of the Swedish provincialism, to Rome and Paris, but foremost to the Schola Cantorum in Basel, where the scholastics of the disciplines that so intrigued and triggered these eager seekers of beauty and essence displayed their workings.
Edlund worked as a church musician in rural Sweden for a number of years, but being afflicted by misgivings about the aesthetics and aims of Lutheran church music he converted to Catholicism.
During his years as a teacher at the Royal University College of Music in Stockholm he wrote the academic texts Modus Novus and Modus Vetus, which developed the art of choirs substantially in Sweden.
In 1971 Edlund left city life and settled on the Baltic island of Gotland, where he took up composing full time. He went through severe hardships as he suffered a stroke, but one the less continued with some necessary breaks his composing, and the 1970s in fact became one of his most prolific artistic periods.
In the 1980s Edlund moved to Uppsala on the Swedish mainland, and in later years, as he is getting older, he has experimented with forms hitherto untraveled by him.

Lars Edlund had always been a free-spirited artist and person, walking his own path, without glances left and right, which has earned him a well-deserved authority and much earnest respect.

The composer has always been spiritually inclined, and the great existential issues have been real and daily for him.

Year / Artwork Title Importance Medium
1995 Paradiso 4.00 stars CD
Arthur Bliss Comments:
Uppsala Academic Chamber Choir cond. Steaf Parkman