Manuel Enriquez

Enriquez (Ocolan, Jalisco 1926 - Mexico City 1994) was a prominent member of the modern music fraternity in Mexico.
Worked as a composer, director and performer.
Was director of CENEDIM, (Musical Research and Documentation Centre)

Among many other works, he also composed several tape and mixed works as: Mivil II for violin and tape in 1969; 3 x Bach for violin and tape; and Mixteria for actress, 4 musicians and electronic sounds , both in 1970; "La reunion de los saurios" for tape, and Viols for one string instrument and tape, both in 1971; Laser I for tape in 1972; Trauma for actress, 4 musicians and electronic sounds in 1974; Contravox for mixed choir, percussions and tape in 1976"; Conjuro", for double bass and tape, in 1976-1977 ( Mivil II , Viols and Conjuro uses the same tape); Canto de los volcanes for tape in 1977; "Diptico I" for flute, piano and tape in 1979 Misa prehistorica for electronic sounds in 1980; and Interecos for percussion and electronic sounds in 1984.

Year / Artwork Title Importance Medium
1973 Ritual 4.00 stars LP
Mexican Comments:
Mexican Philharmonic Orchestra cond. Fernando Lozano