Geza Frid

Geza Frid (25 January 1904 - 13 September 1989), was a Hungarian/Dutch composer and pianist.

Geza Frid was born in Maramarossziget in the Maramaros region of Hungary (now in Romania) and studied piano and composition in Budapest with a.o. Zoltan Koda¡ly and Bela Bartok. He settled in Amsterdam in 1929 and became a Dutch citizen in 1948. He died in Beverwijk.

Frid gave many piano recitals all over the world: Italy (1926, 1955, 1965), Indonesia (1948-1949, 1951, 1956), Siam and Egypt (1951), Israel (1962, 1965, 1967), the Soviet Union, (1963), South- and North-America (1965, 1967), Turkey (1965), The Netherlands (1967), Surinam and the Netherlands Antilles (1970), the United States (1970, 1974), Hungary (1971, 1974). During the Second World War Frid was active in the resistance. He taught chamber music at the Conservatory of Music in Utrecht.

In 1976 his book Oog in oog met... (Face to face with...Tolstoj, T. Mann, G. Bomans, B. Mussolini, W. Mengelberg, B. Bartok and M. Ravel) was published (publ. Heuff). In 1984 he published his memoirs In 80 jaar de wereld rond (publ. Strengholt). In 1999 Donemus published a brochure (ISBN 90-7460-36-9).

In 1949 he received the music prize of the City of Amsterdam for Paradou (fantaisie symphonique), in 1950 the second prize in the Wereldomroep-K.N.T.V.-competition for Varieties op een Nederlands Volkslied (Variations on a Dutch folksong), for choir and orchestra, and in 1951 the third prize at the Concours International pour Quatuor a Cordes for Strijkkwartet III. In 1954 he was awarded the music prize of the City of Amsterdam for Etudes Symphoniques, in 1956 the second prize from the Dutch Government for the Sonate op. 50, for violin and piano, and the fourth prize at the Concours International pour Quatuor a  Cordes in Luik for Strijkkwartet IV. In 1990 Frid was awarded posthumous the Bartók prize from the Ferenc Liszt Hochschule in Budapest.

Year / Artwork Title Importance Medium
1963 Symphonietta 4.00 out of 5 stars LP
Limburg Symphony Orchestra cond. Andre Rieu