Kazuo Fukushima

Self-taught Japanese composer. Self-taught, he associated with Takemitsu, Yuasa and others in the 1950s. His works, usually for small ensembles, are often meditative and have connections with gagaku and noh music.

In 1953 he joined the experimental group Jikken Kobo, which was founded by Toru Takemitsu and Joji Yuasa.
In 1961 he visited the Darmstaedter Ferienkursen. He lived duiring 1961/1962 in Cambridge, and later went back to Japan. In 1964 he became professor at the Tokio Ueno-Gakuen conservatoire.

Year / Artwork Title Importance Medium
1962 Hi-kyo 4.00 stars LP
New Music III Comments:
For Flute, Piano, Percussion and Chamber Orchestra
This is Fukushima's best known work.

Severino Gazzellioni - Flute
Rome Symphony Orchestra cond. Bruno Maderna