Philippe Gaubert

Philippe Gaubert was the incarnation of music during the 50 years of his career, not only French music, but as Debussy said, "Music from all over the world."

Born in Cahors in the southwest of France in 1879, he died much too early in 1941, just after his success was crowned with the premiere of one of his most beautiful scores, Le Chevalier et la Damoiselle, at the Paris Opera.

He directed the Paris Opera during its most brilliant period when it was headed by Jacques Rouché.
Also head of the Paris Conservatory Concert Society Orchestra, known today as the Orchestre de Paris,' Philippe Gaubert did a great service to French music by being the champion of his colleagues and friends, among them Debussy, Ravel, Florent Schmitt, Charles Koechlin, Albert Roussel, Arthur Honegger, and Francis Poulenc.

He also excelled at the classical and contemporary international repertoire from Bach to Strauss, including Mozart, Beethoven and Brahms.

Gaubert was one of few French conductors of his time to be invited to conduct at the Salzburg Festival, and there he won the enthusiasm and unreserved admiration of the public and the German music critics, who are the most demanding in the world.

Not only a conductor, Philippe Gaubert was also the foremost representative of the French school of flute playing from the 1890s to the 1920s. He was the best-known international virtuoso of his instrument. Performing and teaching, he disseminated the famous tradition of his master, Paul Taffanel, all over the world.  His flute music is still widely performed in the United States and on all continents.

Gaubert Vivant means Gaubert Alive! Philippe Gaubert is one of those artists and creators who stays alive through their musical heritage and the masterpieces they have left us.

Don't think of this music as a kind of raising of the dead, but more as raising of the living - shaking itself off after many years, stimulating our ears, and revealing one of the most brilliant performers, one of the most lovable musical figures of the 20th Century.

Year / Artwork Title Importance Medium
1904 Pièce Romantique, for flute, cello & piano 4.00 out of 5 stars CD
Emanuel Ensemble
1924 Médailles Antiques 4.00 out of 5 stars CD
Villa-Lobos Comments:
Koos Verheul - Flute
Agnes Houtsmuller - Violin
Jan van der Meer - Piano