Vinko Globokar

A Slovenian composer and trombonist.
He was born in Anderny, France Between 1947 and 1955 he lived in Yugoslavia where he played jazz trombone. He returned to France to study at the Paris Conservatoire (trombone 1955-1959 with Lafosse) and then studied composition with Luciano Berio in Berlin (1965) before working with Karlheinz Stockhausen at the time of the recording of Aus den Sieben Tagen.
He went on to perform free improvised music music with New Phonic Art.
From 1974 he worked at IRCAM in Paris.

Year / Artwork Title Importance Medium
1968 Discours II pour cinq trombones 4.00 stars LP
Avant Garde 1968 Comments:
Part of the Avant Garde 1968 edition. Cassette with 6 records by Deutsche Grammophon.

Vinko Globokar - Trombone.
Globokar teaches composition and trombone.

1969 Etude pour Folklora II 3.50 stars LP
Avant Garde 1971 Comments:
Part of the Avant Garde 1971 edition. Cassette with 6 records by Deutsche Grammophon. Very German oriented, so think Darmstadt or Donauesschingen.

Well, well, these are "a subjective interpretation, almost a kind of self-psycho-analyses of my memories of Yugoslav folk-music". Doesn't sound very Gipsy to me.

Symphony Orchestra Ljubljana cond. Vinko Globokar

1985 Discourse IX for piano duo 4.00 stars CD

Stenzl Piano Duo

1996 Oblak Semen for Solo Trombone 4.00 stars CD

Vinko Globokar - Trombone.

1997 Zlom 4.00 stars CD

26 instruments: Orchestra Giovanile Italiana