Joh. Albertus Groneman (Dutch original)

GRONEMAN (Albert), also known as Groeneman, born. in Cologne in 1710, died. in the Hague (?) 6 May 1760, was 15 Febr. 1732 registered at the Leidsche Album Studiosorum..

In 1736 he worked at the celebration commemorating the 100th anniversary of the University of Utrecht.
hree years later (1739) he is still known as a very skilled violinist, whose playing was equivalent to that of Locatelli.
In the summer of 1749 he was Music Director of the public concerts.which were performed in the new Vauxhall at the Scheveningschenweg. The next year (1750) he was appointed organist and klokkenist of the Groote Kerk in the Hague. In 1758 he became insane.

He died 6 May 1760.

Year / Artwork Title Importance Medium
? Sonata in D 4.00 stars 5 CD
Jed Wentz and Marion Moonen - Traverso