Kurt Anton Hueber

Kurt Anton Hueber, composer and musicologist. Born on July 9th 1928 in Salzburg, Austria, died on March 10th 2008. He studied at the Mozarteum Academy Salzburg piano with Franz Ledwinka, composition with Johann Nepomuk David and violoncello with Georg Weigl (completion of studies in 1948). He perfected his studies in Vienna, Austria with Hans Swarowsky and Clemens Krauss, and continued studying musicology and Romance languages and Literature (subsidiary subject) at the University Vienna, completed 1955.

After short work as répétiteur in Graz (1949-1950) and at the Landestheater Linz (1958-1960) he acceded the management of the branch Döbling of the conservatory of the City of Vienna, from 1962 thru 1995. In 1980, he was appointed lecturer for acoustics at the Academy of Music and Visual Arts in Vienna (till 1993).

Beside his work as a composer (e.g. the opera “Schwarz auf Weiß”, 1968), he carried on intensive research in the field of acoustics, in particular, exploring the structure of the bell sound, the pseudo-harmonic and inharmonic partial-frequency series, the consonance and dissonance theory, the theory of tone colours, as well as the spectral structure of non-harmonic vibration systems. This gave the work of the composer a special impulse and a characteristic touch, which is expressed in the works “Glockenspektren” for piano and tubular bells (1969), “Spectrales” for piano, vibraphone, tubular bells, 3 tam tams, and 3 cymbals (1970), “Iris” for piano, vibraphone, 3 tam tams, and 3 cymbals (1972), and “Formant spectrale” for large string orchestra (1974), and which led him to microtonal music.

Since 1984, Kurt Anton Hueber has been member of the committee of the Österreichischer Komponistenbund (ÖKB), and from 1991 thru 1998, he was president of the International Ekmelic Music Society.

Year / Artwork Title Importance Medium
1982 Wind Quintet Opus 10 4.00 stars CD

Trondheim Wind Quintet