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I have listed many vocal works by french composers.
I strongly advise you to visit Christopher Goldsack's website with
english translations of a great number of classical songs.

From november 2015 I will list all videorecordings I have made from public TV in
The Netherlands, British BBC, BRAVA, Mezzo and occasionally from Youtube.
These recordings, which frequently offer Digital Surround Sound are
stored on DVD-R or BD-R medium. (See workspace)

A brief history of electronic music by Carlo Serafini now in english translation

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Latest addition on CD:

Oratorio by Jacob TV (ter Veldhuis)
Recorded live in Helpman Centrale Groningen, The Netherlands

This website is a personal project by:
Bert Dekkers, The Netherlands

This website is first of all a summary of the cds, dvds and lps in my collection.
Cover art of the recordings has been included to assist my visual memory.
No labelinfo or order-numbers are recorded.

If you have any problem tracing a particular recording, I will gladly try to help.
As one music lover to another.
I do not sell new- or secondhand media. I have no connections with internet retailers or record companies.
In certain cases I will make a mp3. Under strict conditions, that the recording is
in the public domain and not available on CD, DVD or for commercial downloading.

This website is limited to the classical music in my collection. Apart from this, I have also collected popular music and jazz recordings. To see a complete overview, you can browse my total collection at:
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