Giorgio Koukl

Giorgio Koukl is a pianist/harpsichordist and composer who resides in the beautiful town of Lugano, located in the italian-speaking canton of Ticino in southern Switzerland. He was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic) in 1953, and studied there at the State Music School and Conservatoire. In 1968 he moved to Switzerland and continued his studies at both the Conservatories of Zurich and Milan (Italy). During this time, he took part in the masterclasses of N. Magalov, J. Fevrier, R. Firkusny and S. Neuhaus.
Giorgio Koukl is the Prizewinner of many International Music Competitions including those of Ciudad Ibaguè¨ (Colombia), Tolosa (Spain), Viotti (Italy), the H.Rahn competition (Switzerland) and the Aliènor Competition (Washington DC, USA). A truly international performer and composer, Mr. Koukl has given many recitals and concerto performances. His compositions have received first performances in many major European cities, in Asia, and in the United States.
Frequently broadcast both as soloist and a composer, Mr. Koukl has collaborated in all his capacities with such organizations as the BBC London, RTSI Lugano, SRG Zurich, SSR Genéve, SFB Berlin, SWF Baden-Baden, WDR Koeln, RTHK Hong-Kong, CR Prague, Radio Malta, Radio Vatican, ORF Vienna, NRC Oslo and SF Stuttgart.
Giorgio Koukl is a member of Mensa International.

Year / Artwork Title Importance Medium
Tre canti disperati 4.0 stars  CD
Sonate Comments:

Roberta Inverzinni - Soprano
Giogio Koukl - Piano

Four pieces for piano 4.0 stars  CD
Sonate Comments:

Giogio Koukl - Piano

Niponari 4.0 stars  CD
Sonate Comments:

Keiko Kashima - Contra Alto
Leandro Galassi & Valentino Marré - Percussion
Giorgio Koukl - Pianoforte, Cembalo, Celesta, Glockenspiel

Ceremony after a fire raid 4.0 stars  CD
Sonate Comments:

Poems by Dylan Thomas

Carole Manzoni - Soprano
Giorgio Koukl - Pianoforte