Peter Mennin(i)

Peter Mennin (born Mennini) (May 17, 1923, Erie, Pennsylvania June 17, 1983, New York City) was an American composer and teacher. He directed the Peabody Conservatory in Baltimore, then for many years ran the Juilliard School, succeeding William Schuman in this role. He began composing at an early age, and wrote nine symphonies, several concertos, and numerous works for wind band, chorus, and other ensembles. His style became more chromatic and astringent with time, but was always essentially tonal, relying heavily on counterpoint.

Juilliard awards a Peter Mennin prize, for Outstanding Achievement and Leadership in Music.

His notable students include Jacob Druckman, Richard Danielpour, Karl Korte and Claire Polin.

Year / Artwork Title Importance Medium
1956 New England Triptych 4.0 stars 5CD
Sonate Comments:

Eastman Rochester Orchestra cond. Howard Hanson