Akira Nishimura

Born 8 September, 1953, Osaka; studied composition and music theory on a graduate course at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music 1973-1980. While at the university, he also studied Asiatic traditional music, religion, esthetics, cosmology, and the heterophonic concept, etc., all of which has had a lasting influence on his music to the present day.

Nishimura has been awarded a Grand Prix for Composition at the Queen Elizabeth International Music Competition in Brussels, The Luigi Dallapiccola Composition Award (Milan), three Otaka Prizes, and four other national prizes in Japan. He has also served as the Composer in Residence of the Orchestra Ensemble Kanazawa; Musical Director: Hiroyuki Iwaki, 1993-94; and, the Composer in Residence of the Tokyo Symphony Orchestra; Musical Director: Kazuyoshi Akiyama, 1994-97.

In recent years, Nishimura has been commissioned from many overseas music festivals and performing bodies such as ULTIMA Contemporary Music Festival, Oslo, Octobre en Normandie, Rouen, Arditti String Quartet, Kronos String Quartet, ELISION ensemble, Hanover Society of Contemporary Music, etc., and his new works were performed at WIEN MODERN, Vienna, Warsaw Autumn, Warsaw, MUSICA, Strasbourg, Brisbane Festival of Music, Brisbane, etc.

Nishimura is at present a Professor at the Tokyo College of Music, and a member of the Board of Directors for the Japan Federation of Composers.

Year / Artwork Title Importance Medium
1992 String Quartet No. 2 ("Pulses of Light") 4.00 out of 5 stars CD
Lotus String Quartet