Onyx Brass

Since 1993 Onyx Brass have been dominating the international brass chamber music world. Dubbed "easily the classiest brass ensemble in Britain " by BBC Music magazine, they have performed at festivals all over Europe and the USA to huge critical acclaim. The group was conceived by way of filling the huge gap in the market for a serious yet approachable brass chamber ensemble. Their mission is to have their extraordinary abilities at the disposal of the music at all times, and to play music of the requisite quality to reflect the status of the brass quintet as a serious medium for chamber music. The richness and warmth of their sound is remarked upon by all who hear them.

Year / Artwork Title Importance Medium
Compilation Contemporary British Chamber Music 4.00 stars CD
Arthur Bliss Comments:
James Maynard (1978-) - Fanfare (1997)
John Tavener(1944-) - Trisagion (1981)
Timothy Jackson (1972-) - Two Haiku (1997)
Joihn White (1936-) - Doggerel Machine (1994)
Andrew McBirnie (1971-) - Sonatina for Brass (1995)
Alan Ridout 1934-1996) - Sark: Phantasy Quintet (1996)

Played by Onyx Brass