John Oswald

Composer, saxophonist, and sound artist John Oswald (b. May 30, 1953 in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada) is best known for his plunderphonics, which involves using samples of existing recordings to create a new work. Oswald has performed throughout Canada and in the USA as an alto saxophonist, playing in both solo and group improvisational settings. Under Oswald's direction Pool, an improvisation collective originally established at the Gallery in 1979, was held on a weekly basis 1982-8 at the Cameron Public House. In dance, he has prepared scores (mostly tape) for Dancemakers, Tangente, Toronto Independent Dance Enterprise, and Bill Coleman's North American Experience. He has participated as an accompanist and/or dancer in performances by Fujiwara, Small, Danceworks, the North American Experience, and others.

Year / Artwork Title Importance Medium
1990 Spectre for String Quartet 4.00 stars CD
New Music I Comments:
Kronos Quartet