This is to become my Erik Satie discography.

Before I will start this project, which will be a genuine labour of love, I will introduce you to a part of my library with titles about or with information relative to Erik Satie and the era he lived in. I will also mention some of the web pages I will consult.
I could use a proofreader, who is fluent in the French language. If anyone is interested, please send me an email.

Erik Satie
Rollo H. Myers
English biography
1947 Dover

Authoritive, but with many untranslated quotations.

Erik Satie
Pierre-Daniel Templier
English translation
1969 MIT

Templier tells a first-hand story. Many photo's.

Notes sans Musique
Darius Miilhaud
German translation
1949-1963 Prestel

Milhaud was one of Satie's best friends.

Erik Satie - Teksten
Collected by
Ornella Volta
Dutch translation
1976 Querido

Satie's texts and commentaries

Parade, ballet réaliste
Erik Satie
English introduction
2000 Dover

Full orchestral score with introduction by George Auric

Musica Nova
Friedrich Herzfeld
Dutch translation
1956 Ruys

Complete overview first half of 20th century music.
Beautiful illustrated

Sports et Divertissements
Erik Satie
With English translations
1982 Dover

Calligraphed score with drawings by Charles Martin

French Music
Martin Cooper
1961 Oxford Univ. Press

The transistion from French romantic to modernity.

The Banquet Years
Roger Shattuck
1969 Jonathan Cape

The origins of the avant garde in France: 1885 to World War I. A special section on Satie, Appolinaire, Jarry and Henri Rousseau.

The Literary Clef
Collected and translated by
Edward Lockspeiser
1958 John Calder

Letters by French composers, Ravel, Debussy, Satie a.o.

Music Ho!
Constant Lambert
1934 -1948
Faber & Faber

1930's view on the
"New Music"
Critical and satyrical.
" A Study of Music in Decline".

John Cage
1939- 1969 MIT

I am not sure I will
break the silence.
(1969 $2,95! new)

The Harlequin Years
Roger Nichols
2002 Thames & Hudson

Musical scene in Paris between 1917-1929
All the great names are present.

Satie Remembered
Robert Orledge
1995 Faber & Faber

Satie as seen through the eyes of his contemporaries

Conversations with
Madeleine Milhaud

Roger Nichols
1996 Faber & Faber

As companion of Darius Milhaud, she has met practically ëverybody

Erik Satie
Mary E. Davis
Series: Critical Lives
2007 - Reaktion Books UK

From a female perspective.
Interesting: the 1920-1925 period, when Satie was sponsered by Coco Chanel

Music in the
Early Twentieth Century

2009 - Oxford Univer. Press

Part of Richard Taruskin's
5 part Oxford History of Western Music.

Satie - The Composer
Robert Orledge
2000 - Cambridge Univer. Press

Study by the present #1
Satie scholar.

Erik Satie
Grete Wehmeyer
1998 - RoRoRo

Much information about
Satie's youth.
In German.

Jean Cocteau
James S. Williams
Series: Critical Lives
2008 - Reaktion Books UK

A key figure in France during the 20s.

Paris Between the Wars
Vincent Bouvet - Gérard Durozoi
2010 Thames & Hudson

A great visual introduction
to Paris as a fashionable
city and as a society

Les Six
Robert Shapiro
2008 - Peter Owen Publish.

About the two mentors
of this group of French composers, Erik Satie
and Jean Cocteau

Classic Chic: Music, Fashion, and Modernism
Mary E. Davis
2011 Uni. of California.

A clever American in artistic Paris.
Satie and Stravinsky are central figures.

Diagilev: A Life
Sjeng Scheijen
2009 Profile Books
Translation of a Dutch book.

Biography of the nr. 1 ringmaster of cultural life in Europe

Le Coq et l'Arlequin
Jean Cocteau
1918 Edition de la Sirène

My copy is a translation by Rollo Myers and published as part of A Call to Order
1926 Holt
Click on book cover to see more images

The Writings of Erik Satie
Nigel Wilkins
1980 Eulenburg

English translation of texts by Satie. Uses different sources as Ornella Volta

The Gallic Muse
Laurence Davis
1967 Dent & Co

Chapter on Satie:
The Nightingale and the Streetcar.

Orfeus onder de stervelingen
J. van der Veen
1968 Bert Bakker/Damen

Chapter: on Satie
De fautieul van Socrates
Satie and the functional music.

Erik Satie
James Harding
1975 Secker & Warburg

More personal than musical. One does not need a musical background to appreciate this story of the eccentric hermit of Arcueil,

Erik Satie
Twain's Music Series
Alan M. Gillmor
1988 MacMillan

Offers detailed information on Satie's works in a non-technical way.

Paris Modern
Nancy Van Norman Bear
1995 - Fine Arts Museum San Fransisco

The Swedish Ballet 1920-1925.

Satie op papier
Catalogue of exhibition in Modern Art Museum Stedelijk, Amsterdam. 1976

Introduction by Ornella Volta.
At this show René Clair's film Entr'act was shown and a recording of Vexations by Reinbert de Leeuw published on LP.

Wikipedia on Satie
"Offical" Erik Satie Website
Cor van Diejen - His view on Satie's works (Dutch)
Webpodium Nederlandse Orkesten (Dutch)
Goto Discography