Peter Schat

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Year / Artwork Title Importance Medium
1955 Introduction and Adagio in old style 4.00 stars LP
Quartet Comments:
An early serial work for string quartet

The Gaudeamus Quartet

1959 Inscriptions for piano
4.00 stars 5 CD
Håkon Austbø - Piano
1960-1961 Entelechy 4.00 stars LP
Quartet Comments:
Concertgebouw Orchestra cond. Pierre Boulez
1961 Signalement 4.00 stars LP
Signalement Comments:
This was for a long time Peter Schat's most popular work. Its for 6 percussionists and 3 doublebasses. Parts of it are live improvisations. This kind of scores look a bit like menu-cards. In concert this piece is quite dramatic. But I have always thought that it is not too difficult to scare the shit out of people with a few snare-drums and kettledrums. It is a shame that you cannot see the sleeve properly. It is a kind of holographic image.

Performance by Les Percussions de Strasbourg

1975 Houdini (Opera) 4.00 stars LP
Houdini (Opera) Comments:
Houdini, a Circus Opera, by Peter Schat was recorded live in Amsterdam. I was at the concert. For this kind of work almost unlimited subsidies were available in that period. The music is dated and all the baby-boomers are busy arranging early retirement. Translated from the script: "Let him escape from the stupid giants of war, hunger and poverty. Let him share his dancing visions with the world. This is the great escape." Ahum. Still a good document of the period.
Compilation Complete works 4.50 stars 12 CD
Houdini (Opera) Comments:
Passacaglia and Fugue
Lien van der Vliet, organ

Introductie en Adagio in oude stijl
Raphael Kwartet

Radio Blazers Ensemble olv David Porcelijn  

Radio Kamerorkest olv Ernest Bour 

Inscriptions for piano
Håkon Austbø, piano 

Twee Stukken
Rheinisches Kammerorchester olv Mauricio Kagel

John Bröcheler, baritone - Rotterdams Philharmonisch Orkest olv Richard Dufallo 

The Fall, for sixteen voices
Nederlands Kamerkoor olv Hans van den Homberg 

Concerto da camera, for 2 clarinets, piano, strings and percussion
Radio Kamerorkest olv Ernest Bour

Improvisations and Symphonies, for wind quintet
Van Gendt Kwintet 

Entelechie I, for five instrumental groups
SWR Sinfonieorchester Baden-Baden und Freiburg olv Hans Rosboud

Ileana Melita, mezzo-soprano - Ensemble Gaudeamus Music Week 

Signalement, for 6 percussionists and 3 double-basses
Slagwerkgroep Amsterdam 

Collages, for 31-tone organ
Joop van Goozen

from Labyrint:
Dansen uit Labyrint
Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest olv Pierre Boulez 

from Labyrint: De Aleph, for 4-track tape
Frits Weiland, Peter Schat 

Clockwise and anti-clockwise, for 16 wind players
Radio Blazers Ensemble olv Peter Schat

On Escalation, for 6 solo percussion players and orchestra
Residentie Orkest olv Richard Dufallo

Anathema, for piano
Theo Bruins, piano 

Introduction to Hypothema by the composer 

Hypothema, for recorders
Frans Brüggen, recorder

Thema, for solo oboe, guitars, organ and winds
Han de Vries, oboe, Nederlands Blazers Ensemble olv Peter Schat  

To You, for voice, guitars, keyboard instruments, giant humming tops and electronics
Lucia Meeuwsen, mezzo-soprano, Ensemble Nederlands Muziekgala olv Kenneth Montgomery 

Canto General, in memoriam Salvador Allende. for mezzo-soprano, violin and piano
Lucia Meeuwsen, mezzo-soprano - Vera Beths, violin - Reinbert de Leeuw, piano 

from Houdini: Mau '75, a Song of Liberation - for mezzo-soprano, baritone and mixed choir
Lucia Meeuwsen, mezzo-soprano, Meinard Kraak, baritone, Groot Omroepkoor, Radio Philharmonisch Orkest olv Hans Vonk 

from Houdini:uit Houdini: Finale: Fanfare
Jennie Veeningo, soprano - Sarah Velden, mezzo-soprano - Jerold Norman, tenor - John Bröcheler, baritone - Koor van de Nederlandse Opera, Steelband "Circle Ensemble", Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest olv Richard Dufallo 

Kind en Kraai, for soprano and piano
Ellen Schuring, soprano - Håkon Austbí¸, piano

Symphony No. 1
Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest olv Sir Colin Davis 

Aap verslaat de Knekelgeest, een strip-opera
Nationale Reisopera: Monique Krüs, soprano - Gary Boyce, countertenor - Richard Zook, tenor - Tom Sol, baritone - Piet Vansichen, bass baritone - Ensemble Beestenboel, Vincent de Kort 

Polonaise, for piano
Jacob Bogaart, piano 

Symphony No. 2
Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest olv Bernard Haitink

Serenade, for strings
Radio Filharmonisch Orkest olv Richard Dufallo

Adem, for mixed choir
Nederlands Kamerkoor olv Huub Kerstens 

from Symposion: De Trein (The Train) for 5 male voice and orchestra
Henk Smit, baritone - Charles van Tassel, baritone - Lieuwe Visser, baritone - Guus Hoekman, bass - Hein Meens, tenor, Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest olv Hans Vonk 

De Hemel, Twaalf symfonische variaties
Radio Filharmonisch Orkest olv Hans Vonk

Etudes, for piano and orchestra
Jean-Yves Thibaudet, piano - Radio Filharmonisch Orkest olv Hans Vonk

Alarm, for carillon and church bells
Todd Fair, Oude Kerk - Bernard Winsemius, Zuiderkerk - Arue Abbenes, Koninklijk Paleis op de Dam 

Een Indisch Requiem, for tenor mixed choir and orchestra
Thomas Young, tenor - Radio Filharmonisch Orkest, Groot Omroepkoor olv Hans Vonk 

Rondgang, for chamber orchestra
Amsterdam Sinfonietta olv Etienne Siebens 

The Food of Love, for mezzo-soprano, tenor and chamber orchestra
Myra Kroese, mezzo-soprano - Marcel Beekman, tenor - Amsterdam Sinfonietta olv Etienne Siebens 

Arch Music for St. Louis, for orchestra
Radio Filharmonisch Orkest olv Hans Vonk 

Symphony No.3, 'Gamelan'
Koninklijk Concertgebouworkest olv Hans Vonk 

Genen, for violin and piano
Janine Jansen, violin - Bart van de Roer, piano 

The Wallpeckers, a toccata for orchestra
Noord-Hollands Philharmonisch Orkest olv Jurjen Hempel 

To Whom, for soprano and ensemble
Tannie Willemstijn, soprano - Nederlands Blazers Ensemble olv Etienne Siebens  

Lenteconcert, for flute and orchestra
Eleonore Pameijer, flute, Het Gelders Orkest olv Neal Stulberg

De Toonklok, for mechanical clock
Indra Polak, software application