Silk Road Ensemble wih Yo Yo Ma

Inspired by his curiosity about the world and eager to forge connections across cultures, disciplines, and generations, cellist Yo-Yo Ma founded the nonprofit organization Silkroad in 1998. The Silk Road Ensemble was formed in 2000 as a way of bringing together innovative performers and composers representing traditions from around the world.

Silkroad is a collective of rooted explorers, inclusive independents, storytelling musicians, passionate learners, connected nomads, and cultural entrepreneurs. We believe that exploring our differences enriches our humanity. We seek the edge where education, business, and the arts come together to spark new ways of looking at the world. We strive to create unexpected connections, collaborations, and communities in pursuit of meaningful change.

Through performances and the creation of new music, cultural partnerships, education programs, and cross-disciplinary collaborations, Silkroad seeks to create meaningful change at the intersection of the arts, education, and business.

Artwork/Date Title Rating Medium
Compilation Live from Tanglewood 4.00 stars BD-R
Leonard Bernstein - Prelude, Fugue and Riffs Comments:

Wandering Winds, arr. Cristina Pato, Kojiro Umezaki, Wu Tong, Dong-Won Kim

Ascending Bird, arr: Siamak Aghaei, Colin Jacobsen

Xiao Pu An Zhou (Chanting of the Monk Pu'An) Chinese Classical, arr. Wu Man

Muiñeiras de Ourense e Pontesampaio, arr: Cristina Pato

Taranta Project, Giovanni Sollima

Qasida, Dmitri Yanov-Yanovsky

Shristi, Sandeep Das

Blue Little Flower, Wu Tong, Li Cang Sang

Turceasca, Sapo Perapaskero, Taraf de Haidouks,arr: Osvaldo Golijov, Ljova

Recorded from BRAVA TV The Netherlands