Gunter Steinke

Gunter Steinke is an active composer within the international modern music scene, despite his relatively small number of works'
His complex style explores the boundaries of instrumental sound, often calling for electronics or live electronics Works are performed by distinguished ensembles such as the Ensemble Recherche, the Ensemble Intercontemporain and the Ensemble Modern at all the important modern music festivals
His orchestral works were performed at the festivals at Donaueschingen, Saarbruecken and Forbach.
Steinke studied composition under Klaus Huber and Mesias Maiguashca (electronic music) in Freiburg and was a scholar of the Darmstadt summer courses, of the Heinrich Strobel Foundation and the Academy Schluss Solitude, Stuttgart
His work "Durchbrochene Raume" was the German contribution at the IGNM World Music Days in Luxembourg
In his work for music theatre after Haydn's The World On the Moon, commissioned by the Staatsoper Stuttgart, Steinke confronts the language of classical music with the most advanced techniques of modern music
These works seems particularly apt to bring the aesthetics of modern music closer to a young audience.
Teaches composition at the music college in Bremen.

Year / Artwork Title Importance Medium
1993 Terrain 4.00 stars CD
SWF-Sinfonieorxhester cond. Lothar Zagrosek