Milan Stibilj

Milan Stibilj was born in Ljubljana, Yugoslavia, in 1929. Originally a student of psychology, he began to study composition in 1954 with Karol Pahor at the Music Academy of Ljubljana, continuing later with Milko Kelemen in Zagreb, and in the Electronic Studio of the University of Utrecht. During 1967-68 he worked in Berlin under the auspices of the Berliner Kuenstlerprogramms, and he now lives as freelance composer in Berlin and Ljubljana.

Besides a number of Yugoslavian prizes, he has been awarded the Edison Prize and the Grand Prix du Disque for hes recorded work Epervier de ta faiblesse, domine for speaker and percussion.

Stibilj has from the outset employed serial technique, to produce a highly individual sound world. In his more recent pieces he has shown particular interest in expanding and contracting rhythmic structures. Notwithstanding the impressin of relative freedom which it makes for the listener, Stibilj's music uses a system of precise notation in which equilibrium between controlled and free elements is maintained.
He died in 2014

Year / Artwork Title Importance Medium
1964 Epervier de ta fiblesse, Domine 3.00 stars LP
Epervier Comments:
Poems by Henri Michaud

Claude Petitpierre - Voice
Les Percussions de Strasbourg