Jacob Ter Veldhuis

Jacob TV Dutch avant pop composer Jacob TV ( aka Jacob Ter Veldhuis, 1951) started as a rock musician and studied composition and electronic music at the Groningen Conservatoire, where he was awarded the Dutch Composition Prize in 1980.
During the eighties he made a name for himself with melodious compositions, straight from the heart and with great effect. 'I pepper my music with sugar,' he says.

Jacob TV is preoccupied with American media and world events and draws raw material from those sources. His work possesses an explosive strength and raw energy combined with extraordinarily intricate architectural design. TV makes superb use of electronics, incorporating sound bytes from political speeches, commercials, interviews, talk shows, TVangelists, and what have you - a colorful mix of high and low culture.

Long queues at the box office for the four-day Jacob TV Festival in Rotterdam in 2001 already attested to the growing popularity of this composer, both in the Netherlands and abroad. His Goldrush Concerto, the Third String Quartet and several of his so-called boombox pieces like Grab It! became hits, and various choreographers have been inspired by his music.

Early in his career, Jacob TV already stood up to what he called the 'washed-out avant garde', which made him a controversial figure in certain circles. He strives to liberate new music from its isolation by employing a direct - at times provocative - idiom that spurns the dissonant, which in TV's view reflects a completely devalued means of musical expression.
His 'coming-out' as a composer of ultra-tonal, mellifluous music reached its climax with the video oratorio Paradiso. At the Holland Festival 2005, the premiere of ...NOW... for stereophonic orchestra performed by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra received standing ovations

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Year / Artwork Title Importance Medium
1990 String Quartet No 1 "Versailles" 3.50 stars CD
für stimmen (...missa Est) Comments:
Netherlands Quartet
Year / Artwork Title Importance Medium
1996 String Quartet No 2 "Postnuclear Winter Scenario" Rotterdam Version 3.50 stars CD
für stimmen (...missa Est) Comments:
Netherlands Quartet
Year / Artwork Title Importance Medium
1968 String Quartet No 3 "There must be some way out of here" 3.50 stars CD
für stimmen (...missa Est) Comments:
Netherlands Quartet
Compilation Heartbreakers 3.50 stars CD
Grab it! (1999)
May this bliss never end
Gulf war
Pitch black (1998)

Played by dutch artists

2001 Paradiso - Oratorio 3.50 stars SACD
A video oratorio for soprano, tenor, sampler, female choir and orchestra Text by Dante Alighieri and Jacob ter Veldhuis

Claron McFadden soprano - Beatrice
Tom Allen tenor - Dante
Karel Gerritsma sampler
Pulsatu video
North Netherlands Concert Choir
North Netherlands Orchestra cond. Alexander Liebreich