Egon Wellesz

In 1938 Egon Wellesz had to leave his hometown of Vienna where he was a professor of musicology .
He emigrated to England where he lived until his death, apart from temporary teaching positions in the USA and in Edinburgh.
As a musicologist, he studied Byzantine music which in turn influenced his work as a composer, for instance in the pentatonic melodics of his voice parts. A pupil of Schoenberg, he developed from a style following the influences of Reger, Mahler, Pfitzner  and Schoenberg to an original synthesis of expressionist, neo-classicist and archaic elements * His stage works are primarily focussed on Greek mythology. In 1931, Clemens Krauss staged his most important work, the two-act opera Die Bakchantinnen (The Bakchantines), with great success in Vienna. His operas are ritualistic, quasi-oratoric stage works built upon massive choral blocks

Year / Artwork Title Importance Medium
1902 Schwanengesang 4.00 stars CD
Malec Comments:
Berlin Deutsches Symphony Orchestra cond. Roger Epple