Hugh Wood

Hugh Wood was born at Parbold, near Wigan, Lancashire, on 27 June 1932. His mother was a pianist, but though music was therefore an active force in his life from early on, he went up to Oxford as an historian, and only subsequently took up full-time musical study (with Anthony Milner, Iain Hamilton and Matyas Seiber). He himself has since taught music regularly, at various levels: at Morley College (1958-67), the Royal Academy of Music (1962-75), Glasgow (1966-70) and Liverpool (1971-75) Universities, and finally Cambridge (1976-99), where he was a Fellow of Churchill College. He is a well-known broadcaster and writer on music, brilliantly effective especially as a polemicist against hack criticism, and a superb apologist for music that he happens to admire. A book of Hugh Wood's collected writings was published by Plumbago Press in January 2008.

As a composer, Wood has typically preferred chamber music genres, a leaning which suggests a greater interest in the structural and contrapuntal working-out of ideas than in colourful sound or musical portraiture or narrative. An early String Quartet was performed at the Cheltenham Festival in 1959, and he has since written five further string quartets, two Piano Trios, a Flute Trio (with viola and piano) and a Horn Trio, composed in response to the Koussevitzky Music Foundation Award (1985); also a Quintet for clarinet, horn and piano trio, a Chamber Concerto commissioned by the London Sinfonietta and the brass quintet Funeral Music commissioned by the 1992 Three Choirs Festival. His orchestral writing includes concerti for cello, violin and piano; the symphonic cantata Scenes from Comus (1962-5) based on Milton's masque; a Symphony; and a set of Variations, written for the BBC Symphony Orchestra and performed at the Last Night of the Proms in 1998. Another large-scale orchestral work is the deeply personal Serenade and Elegy for string orchestra and string quartet, written in memory of the composer's daughter.

Song-writing has always been important to Wood, and he has written songs to poems by Laurie Lee, Robert Graves, Ted Hughes, Pablo Neruda, T. S. Eliot and D.H. Lawrence. Wild Cyclamen, commissioned by the Royal Philharmonic Society and the BBC for Andrew Kennedy, gained Wood a British Composers Award 2006 in the category of Vocal Music.
Year / Artwork Title Importance Medium
1962-1965 Scenes from Comus 4.00 stars CD
New Music I Comments:
Geraldine McGreevy - Soprano
Daniel Norman - Tenor
BBC Symphony Orchestra cond. Andrew Davies
1982 Symphony Opus 21 4.00 stars CD
New Music I Comments:
BBC Symphony Orchestra cond. Andrew Davies
2015 Epithalamion 4.00 stars DVD-R
Rebecca Bottone - Soprano
BBC Symphony Choir
BBC Symphony Orchestra cond. Andrew Davies

Recorded from BBC Proms 2015