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Year / Artwork Title Importance Medium
1973 Little Sisters from the Grassland (Concerto for Pipa and Orchestra) 2.00 stars LP
Little Sisters from the Grassland (Concerto for Pipa and Orchestra) Comments:
This is another fine mess brought to you by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the great People's Republic. You know, from the people who are going to take away all our jobs. The concerto is for Pipa, a traditional Chinese lute-like string instrument and conventional orchestra. The story is about two brave children, who against all odds guard the community sheep during a bizzard. "The story shows how the new generation of our great Socialist motherland is brought up in the midst of storms of nature and class struggle, with fervent love for the collective and the party". Now almost all intellectuals in the 70's were great admirers of the cultural revolution. They really should be ashamed! One of them was/is Seiji Ozawa, who conducts this shit. Later they switched their attention to Che and Fidel. At least they had the Buena Vista Social Club.

Oh yes it is the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

Look... There is even a cartoon!